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Manifest 4X is a comprehensive online day trading academy that shares a common goal of producing as many independent forex traders as possible. 

About Us


Trade Ideas

Leverage our community of traders to get real-time trade opportunities.

Online Classes

Can't make it in person? Learn at your own pace with our online courses.

In-Person Classes

Trying to learn online can be a challenge. Join us in person.

Live Sessions

Getting help when you need it will put you on a fast track to success.

The Academy

Take advantage of our online network of tools, resources and more.


Feedback on your progress is vital to growth. We take it seriously.



Online Course

Designed to give you all the information needed to become a profitable forex trader

  • Solid price action strategies 

  • Market-makers' manipulation


  • Market structure.

  • Stop loss and take profit


  • How to get optimal entries into
    the market.


  • How to control your emotions
    when trading.


  • How to manage trades.

  • And MUCH MORE!


3 Day accelerated course.
Live every month via Zoom

  • Day 1- Market structure, support & resistance, trendlines, supply &
    demand, Fibonacci


  • Day 2- Strategy development,
    Trade management


  • Day 3- Mindset/ Psychology training, Backtesting, Trading plan



Learn and Earn

Designed to supplement your income while learning to trade the forex market        
London & NY Sessions

  • Live Trading 

  • Daily Signals

  • 3 Live weekly webinars
    ( we will be analyzing different pairs, breaking down trades taken, and answering all your questions. )


  • Become a Funded Trader w/ us!


Your Questions, Answered

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